The Heartbeat – January 2017

The Heartbeat – January 2017

Welcome to the January 2017 edition of the “Heartbeat” where you will find information about the Heart of Birmingham Chapter and its activities.  Each month the Chapter presents a speaker or program for the business community in Birmingham.  Our chapter welcomes guests and encourages everyone to attend!

January 17, 2017 Meeting

Have you ever wondered if leaders were born or made?  Is it a learned skill? How do you become a leader?  What are the essential characteristics of a leader?  All of these questions were answered by our dynamic and entertaining speaker.

Dr. P. Ronald Wilder

Dr. P. Ronald Wilder focused on the topic of “Five Star Leadership”.  He explained this is “leadership” at the highest level that sets you apart.  He challenged us to examine ourselves and determine where we are on our leadership journey. His presentation of the “5 essential components of leadership” include the following.

  • Character – defined as the real you, integrity, no gaps between what I say and do
  • Clarity – state of being clear, vision, purpose, knowing when to say “no”
  • Commitment – passion, dedication, the go to person, discipline, no short cuts
  • Competence – the ability to get things done, if you don’t know, be willing to find out
  • Courage – going against the grain, admit when you are wrong, fear that has said it’s prayer

Dr. P. Ronald Wilder is the founder and senior pastor of Covenant Church International, a nondenominational church strategically located in the inner city of Birmingham, Al. As a leading voice in the dialog about leadership, he is the author of “The ABC’s of Leadership”.  He is a speaker, coach and author whose approach makes leadership simple.  His company, P. Ronald Wilder Leadership, trains and develops leaders.  He conducts leadership seminars and workshops for churches and businesses.  He is a leadership specialist with a passion to serve.

The ABC’s of Leadership

  Dr. P. Ronald Wilder


Heart of Birmingham Welcomes our Guests

The Heart of Birmingham members welcomed guests during our chapter meeting.  Guests included an old friend and former member, Evelyn Bradford and a new friend, Virginia Baker.  Both were encouraged to visit again and were supplied with information about the chapter.

Business Meeting

Updates from our business meeting included the following.

  1. Our chapter extends its sympathy to Helen Shirley in the passing of her husband and to Sara Cooley in the passing of her nephew.  Our thoughts and prayers are extended to both families.
  2. Our Paypal account has been set up to facilitate payment of registration fees, dues and also payment of boosting fees for our Facebook page.
  3. North Jefferson Girl Scouts/Life Skills event has been scheduled for the last Saturday in March.
  4. Bunco date has been set for May 19, 2017 with the proposed location to be the Tutwiler Hotel.
  5. Our celebration date for our current Woman of the Year is February 18, 2017.

Information for the newsletter

Members are encouraged to submit information for the newsletter to Kristie Curtis.  This info can be sent via email or in print format.

Upcoming Events

Alabama Council ABWA Meeting – February 11, 2017  Viva Café, 1550 Montgomery Hwy, Birmingham, Al 35216

Woman of the Year Celebration – February 18, 2017  (details to follow)

North Jefferson Girl Scouts/Life Skills – March 2017 – committee chair Lynda Lewis

ABWA District I & IV Spring Conference – Naples Florida – April 20 -22, 2017

Spring Recruitment Campaign – Membership Committee (more info to follow)

Bunco Event – May 2017 – it takes everyone!


Contributing editors Kristie Curtis and Carol Skelton