The Heartbeat – April 2017

The Heartbeat – April 2017

Welcome to the April 2017 edition of the “Heartbeat” where you will find information about the Heart of Birmingham and its activities.  Each month the chapter presents a speaker or a program geared to the Birmingham business community. We welcome guests and encourage everyone to attend!

April 18, 2017 Meeting

Branding/Public Relations/Social Media

Do things that are smart, that inspire and yield results!

Chanda Temple talked about using techniques that generate buzz!  She contends that for an organization to get noticed, it must know its pitch, its product and its purpose.  Once these are determined by the organization, it can promote stories that present the message.

She challenged us to determine and implement the following items for our organization.

  1. Where are your customers?
  2. What is of interest to them?
  3. How does brand make our customers feel?
  4. Create a social media cheat sheet that tells your customers how to follow you.
  5. Teach your customer how to follow your social media and how to use your website.
  6. Make sure your business cards have your social media info and website info

She asked us to review and consider our website.  What do visitors want to see? She recommended we work smart and implement inexpensive things first such as keeping your website info current with stories about your organization. She recommended adding items of interest to your clients.  She recommended the website have headshots of the company officers. She also recommended inexpensive giveaways that keep your brand in front of your clients.

She also offered tips for television interviews which included the following.

  1. Always be ready (have that makeup kit with you) and wear clothing that would be appropriate for interviewing
  2. No dangling jewelry that would be distracting on camera
  3. Always talk to the host not the camera
  4. Always smile
  5. Start practicing what you will say!

She advised us to invest in ourselves by learning new skills such as blogging, writing press releases and the proficient use of hashtags.

Chanda Temple has responsibility for public relations and social media for the Birmingham Public Schools. She has successfully brought the schools following from 550 followers to 10,000.  She spearheaded a number of initiatives to generate opportunities and media coverage for Birmingham students. She has coached students presenting speeches for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  Additionally she was named “Communicator of the Year 2017” by the Alabama School Public Relations Association. She graduated from the University of Alabama and coauthored the award winning cookbook “Birmingham’s Best Bites.”


Heart of Birmingham welcomes our guests

Members welcomed our guests during networking and introduced them during the meeting.  Guests included Jennifer Flemings, Pat Comer, Ken Upshaw and Jazmund Walkler.  Information about ABWA and the chapter was provided to each guest and each guest was encouraged to attend our regular meeting.

Updates from our Business Meeting

  1. Sheryl J. Walker reported that our member, Y. Faye Herron, had surgery on April 11, 2017.  She encouraged us to send cards and make a few encouraging phone calls.
  2. Bell Rogers reported that our May speaker will be Lisa Cooper.  Lisa Cooper is Birmingham City’s Economic Director.
  3. Veronica Wallace and Kristie Curtis reported on the increase in likes from our Facebook page by using the “boost” feature.
    1. Carol Skelton was elected as the “Woman of the Year 2017-2018”.
    2. Sheryl J. Walker reported that the Membership Event will be combined with the Woman of the Year Event and will be April 29, 2017.  Sara Cooley will be responsible for the invitations and encourages everyone to send her the name and addresses of potential members.
    3. Carol Skelton reported on the Biz Women’s Mentoring Monday event.  She discussed how important this event was for networking and reaching out to potential members.
    4. Nancy Reed, chair of the nominating committee, requested a replacement for Y. Faye who is hospitalized at the moment.  Sara Cooley will replace Y. Faye on the committee.
    5. Checks for $203 were distributed to members attending the Regional Conference to assist with registration fees.
    6. A Bunco training meeting is scheduled for May 6, 2017 at 10:00 AM.  All members are encouraged to attend as it takes all members for this event to be successful.  The event is scheduled for May 19, 2017 the Tutwiler.

Upcoming Events

  1. Speaker for the May 2017 Meeting will be Lisa Cooper, Birmingham City Economic Development
  2. ABWA District I & IV Spring Conference – Naples Florida – April 20-22, 2017
  3. Spring Recruitment Campaign – April 29, 2017 at the Viva Café
  4. Bunco Event – May 19, 2017 – Tutwiler Hotel